Do you ever feel stuck in a low energy, brain foggy sort of way? Is this on a rare occasion because maybe you had a late night and perhaps one too many glasses of wine? Or is it more of a “normal” scenario? At one time or another we all have these days but if it is more than a couple of times a month, that isn’t a good “normal” and you need a reset! 

Let me share what has worked for me and my customers! This program is completely FREE for all of my Juice Plus customers. It’s effective and you will feel AMAZING after just 10 days! 

What it is…

  • Free 10 day researched based and proven system with some dietary adjustments; add in some things, take some things out, reduce others.
  • Support system to be successful; daily emails, a Facebook group, 1 on 1 text support, recipes

What it is not…

  • A diet
  • Calorie restrictive
  • A set meal plan
  • Vegetarian (unless you want it to be)

Here are a few testimonies from my super happy customers about the Shred10 –

This is what D. Allen from Gulfport, Mississippi says…

I am probably a very “unlikely” success story for my encounter with Juice Plus and the Shred-10 experience.  I do not identify as a vegan, vegetarian, fitness guru, etc.  However, as I age I have found that everything I eat has a more profound impact on me than it did when I was younger.  THAT’S where Juice Plus and Shred-10 come in.  

Above I just mentioned “success story”… what I mean by that is that although I may not be the ideal weight for my age, the shredding process along with Juice Plus products have enabled me to feel better on the inside, better than I’ve felt in years!  Yes, my weight does naturally regulate more when I implement the Shred-10, but believe me, that’s a secondary by-product as far as I’m concerned.  

As a widower, it’s not always easy for me to maintain a healthy kitchen with healthy home-cooked meals every week.  But since I drink at least one Juice Plus Complete smoothie every day along with my Juice Plus capsules (I use all four:  veggie blend, berry blend, fruit blend, and Omega-3), I feel great each day and can put my head on the pillow at night knowing that I’ve done my part in reaching my wellness goals!  

Again, I’m not into Juice Plus and shredding for appearance… it’s how it makes me feel, and I really don’t think anyone can put a price tag on that!  

Why does Jen C. from New York love it?

I love doing the shred10 every month! It helps keep me on track to healthier habits – not only eating but a full mind, body and soul experience. It always makes me feel lighter and keeps my stomach nice and flat. The support from the shred10 community is also a huge part of my success too! 

Check out what Eric M. from Colorado has to say about why he and his wife love the Shred10!

If this sounds like something you need or even just want more information on, click here More Shred10 Info and I will get that to you ASAP! Time is of the essence! Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, and New Years Eve and everything in between will be here before you know it. Why not ease into the fun and festivities feeling strong, energized and joyful? And if you are reading this after the holidays, no worries, The Shred10 is available YEAR ROUND, every month!

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