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What is the Hope builder?

A little background

I am Heidi, founder of The Hope Builder. In addition to being a writer, a certified health coach, public speaker on foundational nutrition, special education teacher, year round aeroponic gardener and mom of 3, I loveĀ learning, finding solutions and connecting people to people to give them hope. When I find something that works or someone with answers, I mustĀ share. And that, is how the Hope Builder was born. I gather from everywhere to share, bringing in guest writers and speakers.

You see, I know what it feels like to lose hope. I spent many years looking for answers and solutions to my extreme fatigue, and multiple lifelong health issues. My main relationship was hard, and I struggled to find peace. As a result, I gave away far too much of myself or compromised over and over just to keep the calm and to keep pushing forward. Along my journey, sprinkles of hope would keep me going and little by little, I found solutions. My health and life completely flipped for the better. My journey isn’t over though. I am still growing and learning. So, I created a blog, newsletter and a sweet little community to help others, like me, like you, secure hope that having more energy, better health and real joy in life is ENTIRELY possible and what you deserve. Join me on this journey, share this and become a Hope Builder too! You never know whose life you impact.

We are stronger together

The bright future

The hope builder is

As of now, we offer the blog and newsletter but coming in the next year will be a beautiful membership opportunity only open to The Hope Builder subscribers. So, sign up now, enjoy the newsletter and be the FIRST to know when the membership opens. There will be specials only for the founding members. Looking forward to seeing you there!