Do you ever feel like you’re just about to crawl out of your skin or your mind is going to explode with overload? You just aren’t “right.” You know you need to shift it, but where to start?

When life gets complicated and pulls us in so many directions, when we are struggling in this way and can NOT read one more email, respond to one more text, fold one more piece of laundry or even carry on one more conversation, there’s one activity that can help you find clarity, calm and centeredness. It’s an activity that nearly everybody can do and it’s 100% free. I recently discovered, or rather got back to this ⬇️ and it’s been a game changer.


It’s called walking.

Revolutionary, right?


This is the most ordinary walking yet yields extraordinary results. It involves walking without your cell phone (gasp) and without any goal like increasing your steps or heart rate (another gasp!) Let me clarify, if you feel more comfortable having your phone on you, by all means, bring it, but you’re not on it. Here’s what’s extra special, you don’t need to walk in any particular way.


You walk the way it feels good for you.

This is all about YOU. 😉


The goal is…Do it. Stop wondering if you should take a walk. Stop thinking about it. Stop making excuses. To quote Nike’s tagline, “Just Do It.”




Fast or slow.

Just GO.



Take in the fresh air, notice the leaves on the trees, the birds singing, the neighbor’s dog barking, the kitty lounging on the sidewalk. If you can walk near water or in the woods, even better if that appeals to you, but don’t let it stop you if you can’t.


Why does walking “work?”


By walking outside, in nature or even along the sidewalk, you’re getting out of your head, out of your house or office and putting the brainwork and obligations of life on pause. Too often we get wrapped up inside of ourselves and in the demands of life. We need a break but the breaks we take are artificial. They aren’t healthy add-ins and seldom revive our mindset. Too often they involve scrolling on social media, binge watching Netflix, drinking more coffee, you get the picture. Walking gives you that healthy mind, body and spirit break provided you’re not multitasking on your phone, listening to music, a podcast or making lists in your head. Yep, those are my struggles too. 🙄

Simply notice your breathing. Are you taking full deep purposeful inhales and exhales? Notice your steps. Are they balanced? Do you feel like walking faster or slower? What smells are you noticing?



On my forced (😂) walk today, I noticed the scent of wet fall leaves on the sidewalk, smoky fireplaces, hidden flocks of birds boisterously chattering in bamboo, the cotton candy blue and pink sunset of the Gulf, the overall freshness of the air after today’s rain and all of the sparkly new Christmas decorations up. All of this made me want to take the walk a little slower so I could soak in more of the beauty.



This simple activity releases endorphins, increases circulation, calms your nerves and gives you an overall feeling of wellbeing. This uncomplicated practice can reset you almost instantaneously. You just need to get outside and put 1 foot in front of the other. That’s it. Sure, I laughed when I said “my forced walk” because I didn’t want to go. I had STUFF to do. (Seriously, when do we not?) But I knew I had to make myself go. As a result, I did come back less restless, in a much better mood, more filled with gratitude and a shifted mindset from before my walk. Plus, it felt good moving after all of the holiday treats of the week.


What if you aren’t in a funk and you’re already feeling spiffy? Take the walk anyway. But beware! Your creativity will probably start to flow like magic. Don’t believe something this simple can do all of this? Try it.