More Than Ever, This is the Time of Year We need to Ground and Restore Ourselves

This time of year has so many working parts, doesn’t it? It’s a complex blend of joy, sadness, sweetness, emptiness and some things I can’t really find words for all mixed into 2 months.

There’s the excitement of the upcoming holidays; trips out of town to visit family, shopping, gift planning and giving, parties, gathering with friends and for me, my birthday 😊…the “mostly” fun stuff. Then there’s the other side; overwhelm, fatigue, stress and even sometimes depression or illness. If you aren’t feeling pulled in too many directions yet, including back to bed for more sleep, just wait. It’s coming.

The natural world around us turns inward and pauses.

Trees’ sap runs to the roots to carry them through the long winter months.

Root vegetables are harvested and take center stage at farmer’s markets.

Animals gather food stores and bulk up to prepare for slowing down and less abundance.

Even the days pull back from never-ending summer light to share more with the night.

And then there are us silly human animals. We seem to have forgotten the natural cycles that allow us to restore for our next stages. Instead of turning inward, taking stock and grounding ourselves, we chose something else. We run in the opposite direction and even ramp up!

This is this dichotomy of the season.

So, how can we honor the rhythm our body and soul requires for replenishment while also enjoying the brilliance of these 2 months?

We Get Grounded

Being grounded give us a sense of calm and connectedness. Our heart and cup feels more full. Some of the following activities are simple yet so effective. Find what feels good for you.

  • Nourish your body AND soul with warmer, spicier comfort foods like chilis, curries, stews, soups and root vegetables.

  • Walk barefoot on the ground or lay on the ground. While this may have challenges in areas covered by snow, or rampant with fire ants, technology has brought some solutions. This website gives you some options; Types of Grounding
  • Practice intentional deep breathing throughout your day. (Yes, schedule this too with reminders or gentle alarms on your phone.)

  • Get into the sunshine while you can, even if it’s only for 5-10 minutes (and take at least 10 deep breaths with long exhales.)

  • Spend extra time playing with or petting your puppy or kitty (borrow a friend’s if you don’t have one, they won’t mind. They have unlimited love to share!)

  • Take a walk in nature.

  • Eat lunch outside.

  • Soak in a bath with Epsom salts and a few drops of pure essential oils like lavender, ylang-ylang and clary sage.

  • Massage your feet with Brahmi (bacopa) or other light oil before bed.

  • Turn off the news and TV and instead, listen to a meditation or calming music.

  • Look at photos of those you love who you may not get to see often.

  • Spend time on the phone or in person with a friend or family member who loves and accepts you just the way you are.

  • Attend a yoga class or sound meditation.

Seek out a safe and comfortable place to practice yoga in person. There’s something very powerful about practicing with another group led by an experienced and attentive yogi. If you are local to the Gulf Coast, you have many options.  Along the Coast there is The Sanctuary in Gulfport (The Sanctuary also offers Sound Meditations) and Treehouse Yoga in Bay St. Louis and River Rock Yoga and Pilates in Ocean Springs. Don’t feel like a public class is your thing? Try in person or virtual private lessons. Most teachers offer private lessons and these are two of my favorite; Connie-Raley Rose and Donna Papania. (Donna also offers Ayurvedic cleanses which can be a gateway for more lasting centeredness and grounding.)

Yoga (meaning union) brings our body, mind and heart together in a more present state. It’s not about twisting yourself into positions you cannot do. The movements help release any stuck energy and promote an overall sense of wellbeing. 

No matter what you choose, schedule them so they happen. Yes, like on an actual paper calendar or your phone. Remember, knowing isn’t doing. You are worth the time. So, how will you ground yourself this season?