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Hope keeps us going.

Hope keeps our dreams alive.

With hope, all that seems impossible becomes possible.

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Pillars of wellness

We focus on four Areas of wellness

Within these areas, there is much overlap. We examine them from all perspectives and ask, what we can add in and leave out? Then, we chose one simple thing at at time. We focus on consistency and then add another. 


Adding in more good and helpful and leaving out (or reducing) the not so good and harmful.


with friends, family and ourselves

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How do we chose what to add in and leave out? How do we find a healthy balance?


How do we view life, money and progress? Are our beliefs helpful or harmful? How are our thoughts creating our reality?

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I look forward each week to receiving The Hope Builder newsletter in my inbox. There is always a good tidbit of inspiration waiting inside. Heidi's knowledge is vast from her studies and her own life experience. Better health does not have to be complicated, and The Hope Builder gives simple tools to create big change.
Connie R.
Diamondhead, MS
I cannot tell you how many times I needed a pick-me-up from feeling defeated or needed some words of encouragement when I have gotten off-track healthwise - and then it appears...The Hope Builder in my inbox! Somehow it always arrives at just the perfect time! The content of The Hope Builder is always something I can apply to my everyday life without making things too complicated or requiring me to spend a bunch of money. Heidi is so knowledgeable in health/wellness content and I have a special appreciation for her belief in what others can achieve. Whenever you need a #1 fan in your life, Heidi and The Hope Builder are always there cheering you on!!!
Jennifer S.
Long Beach, MS
The Hope Builder is growing!

As of now, we offer the blog and newsletter but coming in the next year will be a beautiful membership opportunity only open to The Hope Builder subscribers. So, sign up now, enjoy the newsletter and be the FIRST to know when the membership opens. There will be specials only for the founding members. Looking forward to seeing you there!

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