When was the last time you thought about your thyroid? If you have a thyroid condition, hopefully it was recently. But if not, doing a self check is just as important as scanning for weird looking moles and monthly self breast exams. This tiny gland, which has a shape like a butterfly and is found near the base of your throat, has a lot of control over your body so keeping an eye on it is essential.

My guest blogger is Angela Mazza. Angela is a holistic health nurse coach specializing in thyroid health. After struggling with her own health issues, she founded Angel Holistic Health Coaching to help others be empowered when making decisions to advocate for their own health and healing. Angela is a licensed, registered professional nurse, with over 20 years experience in various settings including the hospital, home care and most recently the NYC school system. She is a certified health coach through the Dr. Sears Wellness Institute and trained in all life stages. As a mother of three and a cancer survivor, she is passionate about educating individuals & families about preventing diseases and managing chronic conditions in order to embrace life fully.

We are both always advocates for listening to your body but there’s more we can do which is why I wanted to share her with you! Read on for important steps to keep your health in check. Be sure to follow Angela (contact info at the bottom) for thyroid and overall wellness support. 😊

Am I at risk for a thyroid issue?

Have you ever had an ache, tiredness, moodiness or weight gain and simply dismissed it as stress or age? Well, it could be a sign of a thyroid issue. Did you know that 1 in 8 women will have a thyroid issue in their lifetime? That is right, 1 in 8?! And to make things worse a thyroid issue can take years to diagnosis. It is no wonder since many of the symptoms of thyroid issues overlap with the stress of the daily balancing act of family, work and self care.

I personally dismissed my low thyroid symptoms of intolerance to cold, exhaustion, moodiness and pain for years.

So what’s a girl (or guy) to do?

First, get in touch with what signals your body is sending you. Our amazing bodies are smart! We just need to slow down and listen to the wisdom of the body.

Second, check your neck for thyroid nodules. Here is a simple self assessment:

  1. Get a glass of water and stand in front of a mirror.
  2. Tilt your head back slightly and take a sip of water.
  3. Observe for bumps, bulges, or swelling at the base of the neck just above the collar bone.
  4. Repeat.
  5. Feel neck for bumps, bulges, or swelling.
  6. If anything seems suspicious – consult your doctor right away.

That brings us to our last point-make those yearly (yes, I said yearly) preventative care visits! Preventative care improves health outcomes. Remember when seeking medical care, you should be partnering with your practitioner. That means you are working together to improve your health, not just doing as you’re told. After all, it is your body!!

If you suspect that you have a possible thyroid issue, write down all your symptoms, bullet point them and hand them to your doctor. Ask them to order a full thyroid lab panel. If they refuse, you can personally order your own tests online and then go to a local lab for blood drawing.

A full thyroid lab panel includes TSH, T4, T3, Reverse T3 and Thyroid antibodies to see if you have any autoimmune markers. Find a practitioner that is willing to work with you and answer your concerns. You should be comfortable enough to ask questions and create a plan of care that supports your goals.

​Prevention and finding out issues early is key. Advocate for yourself and the life you deserve. Don’t suffer in silence. A small action can transform your health, your life and your longevity. Take a small step to wellness today and let your light shine!

You can connect with Angela on Instagram,  Facebook and by email at Angelavmazza@angelhealthcoach.com.

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