What if you took a second to
show yourself some self love?

So here’s a thought, what if we could show up, be there for ourselves and love ourselves right now?

What if we could do this now and not


  • When we lose 10 pounds
  • When we lose the belly fat
  • When we have work done to reverse the appearance of aging
  • When we start to eat to fuel our bodies
  • When we stop what harms our bodies
  • When we start to exercise and move more each day
  • When someone else loves us


What if we could, right now, right in this very moment


  • Love our bellies
  • Love our biceps with skin that isn’t as tight as it once was
  • Love our thighs that rub when we walk yet carry us far
  • Love the little bit of extra under our chin (when did THAT happen?)
  • Love the “laugh lines” or even the frown lines from some tough years
  • Love the everything that is you



Would there be harm in adding in love and leaving out the criticism and judgment?

Does it hurt us in any way? Does it mean we become complacent? Would that mean that we wouldn’t want to improve, grow and have progress? Certainly not. Loving yourself doesn’t mean you give up. It’s the opposite. It means you are investing in and shifting this one person, the you that you know you are destined to be.


It means that you finally “get it.” It means you can feel comfort in knowing that you have lived and are living a very full life you can feel proud of. You are at a point now where the exterior still matters but you know it is not as important as the interior, both emotionally and physically.


It means that if you are struggling with a chronic or sudden illness, you still can love your body for all of the things it is doing right instead of being angry, disappointed or sad for where it doesn’t seem to be functioning correctly.

What does this look like? (It truly does take 7.2 seconds or less!)



It may feel silly or strange to say, “I love my thighs, arms, boobs (fill in the blank).” and “I promise to take care of you, love you and honor the way you are now.”


So do it anyway. Try it on, just for “fun,” because you will never be this age or this person again. You will never be 20 again (and why would you want to?) The wisdom, the layers and the experiences you’ve gathered from your years are priceless. They are what you are made of; strength, resiliency, compassion and things there are no words for.

If it doesn’t feel right or you’re resistant to it, this is a sign you may need this self love more than ever.


We hear about self love and self care but that doesn’t necessarily mean a quiet bubble bath with candles and champagne or a luxurious weekend retreat. While those can be fun, fabulous and recharging, they aren’t always available to us. What we do in each moment is equally important. What we tell ourselves is what becomes reality so being conscious of this makes a difference in our quality of life and overall health. Self love starts with self talk, so make that choice right now and again tomorrow and the day after. Before you know it, that consistency will be bathing you in glorious self love. From there, anything is possible.