“I love you.” 

How often do you say this to yourself? Do you ever? Showing love and care for our hearts need to be daily events through our food habits and nutrition of course, but also with, loving actions and words towards ourselves.


If we want to tell someone we love them, we think of words or actions, depending on our love language and theirs, that will shine so brightly they really feel and know the love. So why can it be so challenging to show ourselves love? Is it perhaps we are unpracticed and don’t know what it looks like or how it should make us feel?


We can certainly do as Miley Cyrus says and buy ourselves flowers, which is so uplifting and lovely, but there are also more subtle ways to say to ourselves “I love you” that have lasting effects, build stronger heart health and deepen our self love over time. How many of these could you incorporate into each day?

  • Stop rushing. This is a big one especially if you are a mom or caregiver of any kind. When we slow down and give ourselves the space to breathe, that is a gift. The only one who will notice is someone who doesn’t have your best interest at heart. Think about that for a minute; it’s up to you to set the pace in many circumstances. The constant fight or flight state of being is healthy for no one.

  • In a beautiful small dish, mindfully put out your daily supplements and medications the night before near your coffee pot or toothbrush. This ritual of self love helps you to remember that caring for yourself is important and will get your essentials into your body consistently where you need them. This is one of my favorite ways to show my husband that I love him and care about not just his heart health but his health overall.
  • Go to bed when you know you need to, not when you’re done with everything. Because you know, we’re never done with everything.

  • Don’t have that last cookie, extra piece of cake or another glass of wine that you know is just enough to put you over the edge. More isn’t “I love you.” More is too much and more is “I don’t care about you.”

  • Schedule yourself on the calendar. Whether it’s taking a walk, yoga, going to the gym, stretching, cycling, journaling, whatever you need, make an appointment for yourself like you do with everything else that is important.

  • Choose kind thoughts and words for yourself especially when you mess up. Give yourself the grace and space you give others to make mistakes.

  • Between the time you wake up and before you go to bed, find moments to whisper to yourself, “I love you.” Although this may feel odd at first, do it anyway. It gets easier the more you start to believe it.

We all want love. It’s the most common universal desire and need. The first place to start is with practicing loving yourself more. The love we give ourselves sets the foundation to continue a strong outpouring of love to others. So find ways to say “I love you” throughout your day and start to feel the love flow back exponentially.