Don't slip down that holiday slide! Enjoy the Ride!

You know the drill; first it’s Halloween. Then, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah and Christmas, New Years Eve then right into Mardi Gras season if you live along the Mississippi Gulf Coast, New Orleans or where it all started (surprise…Mobile, Alabama!) This is what can be turn into the “Holiday Slide” and this isn’t the fun kind of slide you find at a playground. It’s the slide that starts off high and fun and ends with a thud.

If we aren’t mindful, we can get fatigued and run down from frequent festivities with friends and family, devouring sweets, alcohol, rich foods and staying up all night like a teenager. Yet, we aren’t teenagers! We are full-on adults with people who depend on us not just now but especially through the holidays. So, how do we stay fit enough to not just survive but to stay all sparkly and fresh during the months of merriment?

First, you want to make a commitment to yourself to do your absolute best.  Following these 3 tips will help your holiday turn out healthier and therefore, filled with more happiness.


When the weather gets cooler, it’s so easy to forget to drink water. The addition of more sugary treats and alcohol are further dehydrating so drink up! We know our body needs water but it’s easy to put it on the back burner especially if a restroom isn’t nearby or our outfits are multilayered.

It’s super easy to figure out how much water you need.

No Excuses

Take your weight, cut it in half and that’s the number of ounces you need in a day, give or take. Remember, water is related to maintaining healthy blood pressure, brain function, staying awake and the immune system, so it’s better to always go for more, not less. Here’s a tip, never leave the house without your water even for short trips. Those short trips can sometimes become longer when stuck in traffic or when you add an expected stop while out.


So we aren’t going to climb into bed early every night with all of the fun events that pop up, but you can power down for 10 minutes to recharge when you know you will have a later than normal night. Rest and sleep are the #1 thing you can do to have brain clarity, stamina and to support your immune system. You can’t make up for lost sleep but you can preload. If you know you will be out late the next day, go to bed earlier the night before.



This may sound counterintuitive since most of us will gain a lb or 2 over the holidays, but truly, skipping meals and grabbing that pumpkin spice latte to give yourself a bump instead of something sustaining, will hurt you in the long run. During the holidays, the long run is often from when you get up till your head hits the pillow only to repeat the routine the next day. These days feel so long!

So when you aren’t at a party, go for quality. That way when you are at an event, the tempting treats won’t knock you down. Load up on “good fats,” protein and “carbs with friends” aka foods that also contain the naturally occurring fiber like apples, carrots, and whole grains so you are fueled for your day. Remember to include at least half your plate (or smoothie) of fresh dark greens, purple and orange vegetables and dark berries like pomegranate and cranberries for powerful immune support. Red cabbage, Brussels sprouts, purple or traditional sweet potatoes, carrots, spinach, broccoli and garlic are all in season and they offer additional support for stamina and your immune system. Eating more, especially of these foods, will help you shore up your foundational nutrition and keep you straight right on through!

And if you know you aren’t going to be able to get those vegetables and fruits every single day, (it’s HARD!) do what I do to help out; take these plant powders to bridge the gap. It’s like my little secret yet it’s no secret how they’ve helped my energy, supported my immune system and slowed down my aging, making the holiday slide a thing of the past!