Do you need to pull back in 2023?

I know it’s been a minute since I’ve written a blog and you’ve received a brand new newsletter but ya’ll! I have been a little consumed with life, like you, between the holidays and some other very exciting changes, so I took a month off from writing The Hope Builder blog and newsletter.

With change, however, comes adjustments, compromise, new responsibilities and (hopefully) reflection. At one point, I found myself feeling quite overwhelmed and emotionally drained. I was juggling many balls, trying to keep them all in the air, feeling frustrated and at times even defeated. Sound familiar? I’m a newlywed! Shouldn’t I feel happy and fulfilled every moment for at least the first couple of months? Ha! The things we tell ourselves and the ways we measure “success” can be SO random and unrealistic. That’s when I heard a little voice, my kind and loving inner voice, say, “Do what you can, when you can, as much as you can.” THIS is exactly what I tell my health coaching clients when they are struggling with making changes, even small ones like adding more water to their daily intake or even something bigger like the Shred10, a ten day “cleaner eating” detox. Too often, we aim for perfection and when we fall short, beat ourselves up for not being perfect, which 1. Doesn’t help us reach our goals 2. Makes us feel like a loser. That phrase I heard made me pull back and examine what it was that I was pushing myself to do and was it helpful or hurtful? It also reminded me that usually, GOOD is GREAT especially if I am still moving forward. So things may not be perfect, but truly, what ever is?

As a reformed perfectionist, I understand how difficult it is to let go of the goal of perfection, but if we aim for progress vs perfection, we can be successful.

So what is it that you need to pull back on and and then give yourself permission and grace to lovingly do JUST do what you are able to at this very moment? I am here to remind you; each day is valuable. Each moment is an opportunity for a new start. If we pause and pull back, we are better positioned to push forward exactly where we need to and nowhere else. People can wait. The world doesn’t end if we pause for a moment to collect ourselves and reflect.

If your physical health (which, of course is tied to your mental and emotional health) is a priority,

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With HOPE for your happiness,